Field labs for evaluation for business models and dietary advice services (WP3)

Evaluate the tools developed by QuaLiFY for dietary advice services with three groups: obese young people, children with eating disorder, and type 2 diabetics

Tools and services for personalised dietary advice developed by QuaLiFY were used in three field labs by those working with individuals for whom diet is a critical control point in their health, namely (pre-)obese young people (16-18 years), children and adolescents with eating disorders, and (pre-) diabetic adults.


  • Implement and evaluate a series of integrated personalised dietary advice services based on non- and minimally invasive measurements (e.g. food intake, and lifestyle assessment, pheno- and genotyping) and provided through Quisper®, for three target groups: (1) (pre) obese young people, (2) children and adolescents with eating disorders and (3) type 2 (pre-)diabetes patients
  • Test/ validate the business models of these implementations

Work Packages