Knowledge disclosure for personalised dietary advice services (WP2)

Create an IT-platform linking existing tools, services and data resources underpinning diet-health relationships

Previous EU-funded projects (e.g. EuroFIR, NuGO and Food4me) have generated knowledge about the complex relationships underpinning diet and health. QuaLiFY started to integrated these resources in an IT-platform (Quisper®), offering scientifically validated data, tools and services for personalised dietary advice services.


  • Develop and provide ICT solutions for professionalism of SME activities in personalised dietary advice services, leading to an integrated a personalised dietary advice open platform based on all relevant knowledge, information and personal data, and a connection point between subjects and their dieticians, thus optimally empowering the subject
  • Establish knowledge bases on genotype-phenotype-nutrition relationships in Personalised dietary advice services for use in SME-driven personal dietary advice systems
  • Identify gaps especially considering genotype and phenotype data

Work Packages