Open innovation and collaborative business development (WP4)

Design an open innovation collaborative business model for SMEs

Based on open innovation, SMEs involved in QuaLiFY considered potential collaborative business models. Market potential for personalised dietary services was explored and used to develop detailed business development plans, which might be adopted by other SMEs in relevant sectors to capitalise on access to the resources developed by QuaLiFY.


  • Design a process for collaborative innovation and business development cooperation, also known as an open innovation lab, for SMEs and other partners in personalised dietary advice services
  • Execute the process as a pilot by setting up the business model and structure for cooperation amongst the project partners, as if in a real life commercial environment, and, thus, prepare for a business cooperation that can be formalised if so desired
  • Explore the market potential for product/ service concepts in personalised nutrition focussed on two areas, obesity and diabetes, and identify/ create options for collaborative business models in this field
  • Elaborate detailed business development plans
  • Consolidate the process description and experience into a ‘guidebook for open innovation business development’

Work Packages